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Camp Rocky 2024

July 7th-12th 2024 | Divide, CO

Full registration cost is $450. Please know that more than 90% of our students last year received some level of scholarship, primarily supported by Colorado's Conservation Districts. You do not need a confirmed scholarship in place before registering--during registration, you will be given an opportunity to indicate you are interested in scholarship support. Find your conservation district here

Our camp is located approximately 7 miles outside Divide, Colorado. Please plan on early-afternoon arrival on July 7th, and prepare to pick up your camper at 10 a.m. on July 12th. 

Camp Fire Marshmallows


Camp Rocky has always been a joint effort between Colorado's conservation partners, lead by the conservation districts across the state through the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts. Many Districts offer scholarship support to students who reside within their district boundaries, and some also offer scholarships to other students from around Colorado when funding is available. If you are interested in a scholarship to attend camp, start by contacting your local conservation district here

If you need assistance locating an available scholarship, please reach out to us at We recommend that you proceed with registration and secure your spot now; we will then work with your local Conservation District to pursue a scholarship

Resource Focus Groups

Soil & Water

The Soil & Water resource group studies how water flows across our natural and managed landscapes, how soil type and quality impact the flow and availability of that water, and how all these factors affect agriculture, the built environment, and natural resources throughout Colorado's landscapes

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Fish & Wildlife

The Fish & Wildlife resource group examines how resource availability or scarcity impacts fauna across Colorado, how changes we make impact the relationship between humans and wildlife, learns methods for observing and quantifying fish & wildlife behavior, and will learn about the careers available in this sector from those who live them.

Rangeland Science

The Rangeland Science resource group examines both ecology and management practices with the goal of sustaining healthy, productive rangelands. Students learn about the various range environments found in Colorado, native and introduced species of rangeland grasses, and how those species impact the landscape. 

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The Forestry resource group evaluates data on forest and soil health, assessing the impacts of human use, the potential for and impact of events such as fire, and learn about the impact that various stages of forest health has on watersheds and availability of other natural resources. 

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